In the last trading session, the stock price of ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) dropped more than 1% to close the week at CAD$0.900. After the recent decline, the market cap of firm stands close to CAD$51 million. The 52-week range of ABCN is 0.01 – 1.50.

ABCANN posted that its common shares are listed on the OTCQB platform under the symbol “ABCCF” and on the Frankfurt platform under the symbol “23Q”. The common shares will remain listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the symbol “ABCN”.

The buzz

ABcann posted that it can gain from the latest development of being listed on the FSE as well as the OTCQB platform by getting improved visibility and trading convenience of common shares for European and U.S. shareholders, giving a much larger likely investors base and much improved liquidity.

As it is identified, the firm is included in the list of early pioneers to get a manufacturing approval under the ACMPR. It was awarded with the license for production on March 21, 2014 and got a sales license in 2015.

ABcann Global’s leading facility, which is based in Napanee, constitutes crop-growing know-how, covering environmentally-controlled chambers efficient of regulating and checking different variables in the growing course. This approach and systems permits the firm to manufacture naturally cultivated and pesticide-free crops, which can result in best offerings that remains constant from batch-to-batch.

ABcann possesses capability to regulate nutrient and ecofriendly demands, tailored for a specific strain of cannabis, and without the variation that is seen usually when mass production is less controlled, and done in spacious rooms and greenhouse-type places.

It has modular course to systems technology which removes increased risk and enhances quality as well as consistency of product. For now, the firm is in the course of expanding its capacity in its current facility.

Christian Brown

Christian Brown

Christian is a keen follower of stock market and has been writing on the U.S based companies since past 7 years.