Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTCMKTS:ACBFF) And Radient Technologies Report Positive Update From Research Joint Venture

Aurora Cannabis Inc. (OTCMKTS:ACBFF) and Radient Technologies reported the successful closure of their Joint Venture Research Activity, validating the effectiveness of Radient’s MAP™ Technology and related continuous flow design for getting cannabinoids from dried cannabis.

The details

On December 14, 2016, Aurora and Radient finalized a Memorandum of Understanding to assess an exclusive association for the Canadian market with respect to the joint development and commercialization of standardized and superior cannabinoid extracts.

The first aspect of the collaboration was the implementation of a joint research project to evaluate the feasibility of applying Radient’s know-how for the extraction of CBDs from cannabis, counting the establishment of elements of extraction yields, purity of the extracts got, recovery rates of available CBDs, and the determination of terpene and cannabinoids profiles.

The feasibility trial also included an evaluation of the prospective processing throughput achievable utilizing Radient’s extensive continuous-flow MAP™ extractor, depending upon recognized extraction conditions.

Radient’s MAP™ technology allows precise control of extraction and temperature time of incessantly flowing material, both of which impact extract and purity profile. This careful regulation of product quality and extraction parameters is something that is not possible to achieve at large scale utilizing conventional processes. Extremely high recovery of available CBDs is possible in extraction times that are reduced from hours to minutes.

The trial was performed in two stages: bench-scale screening trials of MAP™ extraction settings; and scaled-up experiments under chosen extraction conditions. The analytical report from the research project were confirmed and verified by Anandia Labs Inc., a major Canadian independent cannabis testing lab.

The research data shows that throughputs in surplus of 1,500 kg per day can possibly be achieved utilized Radient’s large-scale continuous-flow MAP extractor, higher than what can be recorded using conventional processes. Replication of this know-how in other jurisdictions on a smaller or larger scale is feasible.

Chris Mann

Chris Mann

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