Do You Know About Canopy Growth Corporation (OTCMKTS:TWMJF)?

Canopy Growth Corporation (OTCMKTS:TWMJF) introduced Tweed’s curated CraftGrow line in April. This product line brings high quality cannabis cultivated by a diverse set of manufacturers to Tweed Main Street’s consumers. In line with the level of different customers have come to anticipate, Tweed will proudly demonstrate the history and unique cultivation processes of each CraftGrow manufacturer.

The highlights

Bruce Linton, the CEO and Chairman of Canopy Growth, reported that the firm recognizes the diverse requirements of patients and is delighted to bring them the best quality products that they cultivate in their own facilities, while presenting them to manufacturers that each bring an innovative offering forward.

Telling the outline of cannabis cultivators, small and big, is must to a successful market for medicinal cannabis. Having brought together the infrastructure of more than 100 client care staff, as well as fulfilment and packing staff capable of transporting thousands of orders per day, they are in an innovative position to support smaller manufacturers getting to industry, and to assist patients find the items they require from an ever wider selection.

By participating in CraftGrow, ACMPR Licensed Producers and license applicants can use cogs of Canopy’s platform comprising high quality genetics obtained from across the world, infrastructure from industrial scale cannabis oil extraction, a severe product Quality Assurance plan, the Tweed Main Street web marketplace as well as call center and award winning customer care capabilities.

Access to these platform cogs can be expected to considerably lessen the resources that new applicants are needed to invest to enter the industry and help them get to market faster to the advantage of all medicinal cannabis patients. As a starting point, 3 distinct associates are joining CraftGrow, with different growing approaches and styles to cannabis. These three associates are AB Laboratories Inc., JWC Ltd and Canada’s Island Garden.