Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF) Releases Shareholder Update

Recent trends in the medicinal cannabis market are promising. The registered user base for the industry seems to be growing at the extraordinary pace of almost 10% per month. Still, the number of physicians advising medical cannabis still seems to be under 5% of the total. While patient count may be increasing, they continue to challenge difficulty using the system. Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF) is dedicated to deploying the lab facilities and establishing the scientific team capable of advancing a range of formulations to excel in these markets.

The details

Emblem were gratified by many elements of the latest report of the Canadian Team on Cannabis Legislation. It checks the strong recommendation that the existing licensing and regulatory program continue for recreational marihuana. A suggestion that fetched less attention but that is more vital is the recommendation that the exiting e-commerce model be permitted to continue into the recreational plan. This will permit top quality manufacturers like Emblem maximum flexibility in exploring Canada-wide market and improving margins.

Emblem continue to consider that the recreational industry will evolve into a distinct “fine wine” market and “table wine” market. It will be emphasizing on the upper level of the recreational industry where they believe that margins will be attractive. To pursue this goal, the company will be deploying large capital for the establishment of the highest likely closed box horticultural environment efficient of manufacturing the top quality product, at scale.

Emblem has plans and funding to build and support capacity to 12,000 kgs yearly for the arrival of recreational cannabis. They have additional plans to expand yield to more than 21,000 kgs annually. The company believe that they have a well-considered and unique business plan. In addition, it has the senior management team to lead it home. The management has received unwavering support from shareholders for which they are perpetually grateful.