Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) Introduces New Products

CFN Media Group published a piece of article highlighting Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc (CVE:EMH) lately released Cannabidiol offerings and its plan to become a market pioneer. The company launched its CBD-50 and CBD-25 medicinal cannabis oils that contain 50mg and 25mg of CBD per milliliter. Management considers that these oils have the highest concentration of Cannabidiol per ml among permitted Canadian offerings and establish the firm as a leader in the CBD division. The team intends to further refine the offerings by formulating them into broadly palatable capsules.

The details

Dr. Bin Huang, the CEO and President of Emerald Health, reported that these high Cannabidiol oils have little amounts of THC and thus slight to no psychoactive effects. The company is also actively formulating capsules that will have the benefit of precise dosing in a format accustomed to patients and doctors. They consider that capsules are the ultimate form of delivery for patients having slight or no experience with cannabis. Going forward, they have the capability to become the preferred delivery means.

The new launch comes after Emerald Health’s collaboration with the Industrial Research Assistance Program. As per this program, the firm obtained federal funding to carry out the research and development of CBD product lines with an increased level of genetic and product diversity. The expectation is to develop both THC and CBD-based offerings intended to target a broad range of medical conditions.

Canada’s cannabis industry is projected to record considerable growth over the imminent years, especially as recreational legalization comes into effect in coming year. Emerald Health supports the federal government’s judicial initiative to legalize, restrict and regulate access to cannabis by the Canadian people. Legalization is an extensive undertaking that will impact different aspects of Canadian society and boasts the potential to be regarded around the world as the primary benchmark for adult-use cannabis controlled at a national level.

Robin Lawrence

Robin Lawrence

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