Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. (OTCMKTS:TBQBF) Making Its Mark

Emerald Health Therapeutics Inc. (OTCMKTS:TBQBF) management team is mainly formed of senior executives from the pharma industry. The company has experienced Executive Director Dr. Dhillon, who is a known leader in the biotech market. He is also the chairman of famous firm Inovio Pharmaceuticals, a firm with a market cap of $500 that was meagre when he first took charge of the firm. The director is joined by President Bin Huang, an expert scientist who owns a Ph.D. in plant cell biology. Huang has a strong background in Research & Development, including advancing drugs to treat pain.

The buzz

Dr. Dhillon answers why Emerald Health team has so many scientists. The company has a strong focus on making top-quality reproducible cannabis-based drugs. As such, they have formed a team of professionals from disciplines where this is a usual way of life. So, these professionals come from nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and botanical industries.

In fact, the company bring the remarkable fire power in the market to downstream value-added medicinal marijuana advancement. The team is formed of active veterans in the nutraceutical and pharmaceutical industry, who have extensive experience in doing science and performing clinical studies.

The Executive Director of Emerald added that they can therefore perform in-house clinical trials and R&D to support the safety and efficacy of their cannabinoid-based pain medicine candidates. Ultimately, they are intending to advance standardized pharmaceutical sort dosage medication in a capsule or pill format.

This could help reduce some of the unrequired prescribing of opioids for not so severe pain, which has turned into commonplace practice over the last two decades. Emerald’s scientists are hence using advanced crop genetics to bio-engineer finest cannabis strains that can be used to heal specific types of pain. The company is making good progress with its R&D plans, which is also aiming the sleep disruption market.


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