FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) Looks Towards Exponential Growth In FY2017

FutureWorld Corp (OTCMKTS:FWDG) last provided an update to shareholders on January 10, 2017 and has since then been fluctuating in the stock market. The company recorded an intra-month low of $0.0001 and a high of $0.0002 per share. FWDG serves as an incubator for cannabis technology companies and despite some successful ventures, investors seem to be loosing interest in the stock. In its update to shareholders, FutureWorld pointed out that according to ArcView Market Research, the cannabis industry in the U.S. is expected to generate $21.8 billion in sales, by 2020.

As an incubator, this rapid growth means more opportunities for the company, in the near future. In addition to this, FWDG’s approach to invest in a variety of cannabis related companies, at a time, means that there is significantly lower risk involved. So far, the company has funded a total of 6 companies and plans to significantly increase that number this year. FutureWorld also pointed out that it makes use of a tried and true filtration process, which makes use of the seed fund model. This ensures that only the best minds and potentially breakaway companies get the opportunities.

Furthermore, FutureWorld generates revenue through the sale, merger or IPOs of fully developed and somewhat successful companies. The proceeds from such an action is immediately offered as dividend to shareholders. However, recent figures from the company have suggested that despite the elimination of around $350,000 worth of toxic debt, FWDG still owes approximately $200,000 in convertible debts. The company has claimed that it plans to completely clean its balance sheet, during the FY2017.

Recently, one of the incubated companies at FutureWorld, Biotica Pharmaceuticals, formed an advisory board. Biotica announced that the new board would host a number of scientists from various biotech disciplines. The company has claimed that this would help them develop a strategy for the future, while also providing assistance in the development of next generation cannabis based medications. Currently, only two members have been added to the board, but that is expected to increase, as the company moves forward with plans for developing a state-of-the-art facility.