How You Can Make Your Mark Using Retargeting

The bounce rate of a website says a lot about the success of an online business. If you have a big bounce rate, that’s no good, because it means that people leave your website immediately after viewing just one page. Why does that happen? I mean, visitors were interested enough to click on your ad… Why did they leave so soon, even though you have quality products and services to offer to the world?

There can be several reasons for them not taking any action on your website, but the smartest thing you can do right now isn’t finding them, but thinking of a way to retain those lost prospects. Retargeting is the perfect marketing automation tool that can help you not only reduce bounce rate, but increase brand awareness, ROI and, finally, conversion rate. It displays your ads to the users that have already been on your website, but left without buying anything or without subscribing. This way, you personalize your communication according to browsing behavior and you tempt potential customers to return to your website and take a second shot at converting. Remember, the people you go after using a retargeting software are already familiar with your company, products or services. You just need to give them an extra push to come back to you with small incentives that can make them close the deal.

How Does Retargeting Work?

A retargeting company puts a Javascript code in the footer of your website or landing page that places a “cookie” or a pixel in the visitors’ browsers. This cookie/pixel gathers information about who’s been on your website so you can later serve them personalized ads with a one time special offer that they just can’t decline. Retargeting is a very effective marketing automation tool if it’s used properly. If you don’t do it the right way, your ads can scare potential clients away. That’s why, among others, you need to use a frequency cap and limit the amount of times a person will be exposed to your ad and use a burn pixel that will help you untag people who already converted. Also, it’s important to keep your ads fresh and exciting to encourage clicks.

Retargeting is an easy and a cost-effective way to increase your click-through-rate and ROI if you apply the best practices of this amazing marketing instrument. Retargeted visitors are three times more likely to convert than new customers, especially if you offer discounts or free shipping. Also, they receive more helpful information so, overall, they have a better customer experience. is one of the best retargeting software on the market that promises to help you sell more through live triggers, email triggers and reminders and SMS triggers. And you can do this at low costs because you can pay per actions or per generated sales. It means that if we don’t help you sell more than the usual, you don’t have to pay anything.