Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Ventures Into Chicago Market

Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) reported the firm is venturing into the Chicago market with their renowned hemp energy beverages. The firm is presently working with a supplier that distributes products to more than 100 vape outlets in the Chicago and surrounding regions and has obtained warehouse area with pallets of product shipping in imminent period. Kona has also engaged a seasoned sales representative in the Vape and CBD market who is adding company to their product offerings.

The details

Kona Gold has developed a new promotional plan, where they will be offering retail sites with company’s branded refrigerators, fully supplied with Kona Gold Hemp Energy Beverages. The firm reported earlier that they have ventured into the Colorado market where they intend to launch the new promotional plan, followed by the release in Chicago. Robert Clark, the CEO of Kona Gold, said that they are beginning off this Q3 017 with a bang.

They are transporting the most product they have shipped in a week and are venturing into 2 thrilling markets, Colorado, which they reported earlier, and now Chicago. The Vape scene is vast in the Chicago and over the preceding month, they have visited numerous of these retail sites getting owners thrilled about Kona Gold Hemp Energy Beverages and are extremely close to closing a agreement with a local supplier that distributes product to all these areas.

Clark continued that Chicago and Colorado are two major markets for them to test their latest promotional program in, and if everything goes as intended, they have numerous more states that they are going to launch this out to as well. The firm is looking to have an extremely robust third quarter where they are off to a remarkable start and not to forget it’s just the beginning. Kona Gold Solutions has established Kona Gold LLC, which has advanced a premium Hemp Infused Energy Beverage line, Apparel and Energy shots.

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Chris Mann

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