Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) Engages Chris Bechtel And Taylor Simonton As New Directors

Surna Inc (OTCMKTS:SRNA) reported the appointment of Chris Bechtel and J. Taylor Simonton as Independent Directors. These engagements fill two vacancies on the firm’s Board, counting the one resulted after the resignation of Morgan Paxhia.

The update

Trent Doucet, the CEO of Surna, reported that Paxhia was involved in assisting Surna transition to its public firm status and their go-to-market plan. Paxhia’s experience and industry insights were invaluable in early years, and they are grateful for his contributions that have helped them establish solid foundation for imminent growth.

Doucet added that Simonton brings a wealth of experience to Surna, from his extensive experience in public accounting and his participation on different public firm boards. Bechtel has comprehensive understanding of the cannabis market and is experienced in growing and operating both large and small businesses, and can get strategic value to Surna.

These appointments are a distinctive confirmation of company’s plan to create an independent and strong board of directors. The firm also reported the creation of an Audit Committee. Bechtel abd Simonton, along with Timothy J. Keating, Surna’s Chairman of the Board, were engaged to serve as a part of the Audit Committee. Simonton was named as the Chairman of the Audit Committee.

Simonton has been on eight corporate boards, counting six other public firms since 2003 where he was the Chairman of the Audit Committee. He has extensive experience in field of corporate governance and appointing and governance committees.

Simonton served for ten years until 2015 on the NACD Board of Directors, where he served on different profiles, including President, Chairman and Treasurer. He has extensive experience in the field of SEC filings, including help with more than 100 initial public offerings during his PwC career.

In the last trading session, the stock price of gained more than 2% to close the day at $0.130.