Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC)’s New “Craft Cultivation” Model

Terra Tech Corp (OTCMKTS:TRTC) has introduced a new “Craft Cultivation” model to work on its cultivation capabilities, finalizing its first ever “Craft Cultivator” in Northern California. This farm is projected to yield almost one metric ton of the firm’s proprietary top grade “IVXX” cannabis on a yearly basis.

The buzz

Terra Tech has finalized a one-year operating contract and lease with Panther Gap Farms, with an alternative to renew the operating contract and the one-year lease a further three times in the subsequent years. The resource is based in Honeydew, CA, in a region named as the “Emerald Triangle” that is base to some of the world’s top quality cannabis offerings.

Terra Tech is following a responsible, all-natural cultivation and sustainable process to ensure its IVXX strains are carefully chosen and grown to reduce perils to people and the environment. The CEO Derek Peterson expressed that they are proud to be executing environmentally sustainable practices, and functioning in a region and on a remote site that offers itself to contaminant-free cultivation.

All the Craft Cultivators are hand selected due to their innovative ability to manufacture high quality offering utilizing sustainable farming practices. Coordinating with artisanal cultivators and utilizing an all-natural grow process aligns with their commitment to manufacturing top quality cannabis offerings for customers.

They are delighted to expand their cultivation footprint while permitting IVXX to elevate in both consistency and quality. This extension of cultivation features into the Emerald Triangle, base to some of the world’s premium cannabis, will help Terra Tech to expand both the firm’s margins and product line over the coming year.

Salwa Ibrahim mentioned that Humboldt County marks as the first of California’s 58 Counties to release a cannabis grow regulation in agreement with MCRSA. The County has effectively advanced its regulations to preserve and protect the ecology and community of Humboldt County while also backing the legal cannabis market and supporting it to flourish responsibly in a legalized environment.