The Focus Is Back On Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF)

Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF) posted that the firm has improved its patient acquisitions recording about total count of 2,090 active and pending subjects having enrolled since the initiation of its fulfillment site in preceding November.

Patient acquisition has been rushing with 49 and 157 subjects listed in last November and December. As many as 1680 patients were enrolled in the first quarter of 2017 with additional 246 subject registrations pending verification.

The details

Gordon Fox, who is the CEO of Emblem, announced that they are extremely exhilarated with the progress registered since the setup of website to attract and register subjects at a remarkable rate. They consider that the subject acquisition growth is a reflection on the quality of firm’s cannabis offerings, the customer service and the doctor and subject communication strategies.

Emblem also posted that its vertical segment, GrowWise Health is extending its clinic system. GrowWise clinics and cannabis information centers assures to become a dynamic source of subjects for firm. With a growing count of physicians embracing cannabis as a treatment alternative and getting comfortable prescribing it, GrowWise is expanding its business activities across Canada.

The firm has already initiated work on four new GrowWise sites in Canada for residents across Ontario and in British Columbia. As per the latest update, the total count of clinics established in Canada stands at 11, with more sites soon to be launched across the country in the upcoming period.

In March, Emblem engaged Nate Nienhuis consulting facilities for its Canadian cannabis operations. It hits an important milestone for the firm as Mr. Nienhuis is a reputed name throughout North America. He is an expert in the segment of cannabis horticulture as well as extraction.

Nienhuis, an engineer, has provided consultation services on lighting systems building envelope plan and environmental systems, for cannabis manufacturing facilities. He possesses skills that a firm seeks to design and manage the cannabis production facility and meet Emblem’s mandate of making the best cannabis items for the Canadian market.