What Experts Think About ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) Pesticide-Free Approach?

CFN Media Group published an article on ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) explaining why firm’s pesticide-free approach marks a top standard for the industry. The company is an approved manufacturer that uses clean, strictly-regulated indoor environments, which eradicate the need for pesticides and promise natural and safe goods.

This approach helps promise best-quality and standardized goods for maximum therapeutic advantage, while simultaneously minimizing costs and maximizing yields. Patients access safe and effective drug while the firm gains from improved margins and cash-flow.

The buzz

ABcann’s Phase 1 of Van Luven facility is a facility with production volume of approximately 1,000 kilograms a year. Expansion is ongoing to twofold capacity there with close estimated this year. During Phase 2, the corporation plans to build a facility with annual manufacture of 40,000 kilograms. This new facility is estimated to be finished next year. ABcann now has the cash on hand to get through both phases. The firm also has 65 acres of space that can accommodate over 1 million square feet of manufacturing in the future, which exhibits one of the largest progress potentials in the industry.

The ACMPR allow 17 pesticides for application on cannabis crops at any time during production. Health Canada reported that that there are no exceptions to mentioned requirements and no conditions where using an illegal pesticide would be permissible, even at low concentrations. Notwithstanding these warnings, numerous approved manufacturers have already been required to recall tainted products.

Health Canada began addressing these pesticide problems with a series of unreported inspects in February that concluded in two of seven approved manufacturers having at least some amounts of unapproved pesticides. In May, the firm reported that it would require licensed producers to do mandatory testing of cannabis goods destined for sale to check presence of unauthorized pesticides and other contaminants.