What Lies Ahead For Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF)?

Emblem Corp (OTCMKTS:EMMBF) last released an update reviewing its accomplishments and plans for 2017 in December 2016. The company has built a remarkable management team to execute its innovative three branched approach to the market.

The manufacturing segment is committed to growing the top quality product possible. Its healthcare unit, GrowWise Health, is intended to address the problems that patients are facing as they try to access the ACMPR setup. The pharmaceutical segment is pioneering the next-gen of Canadian medicinal cannabis: drugs made accessible in standard pharmaceutical dosage formats.

The buzz

Emblem consider that its senior management team are distinctively qualified to perform this demanding business program. The objective is to follows a patient-centric model with a persistent commitment to quality and a commitment to innovation. In the present time, the company is fully licensed and registering patients. The facility in Paris was built and designed to manufacture elite quality dried flower.

Right from the start, Emblem has been successful in recording more than $42 million of capital and they presently boast a cash position of $27 million as it expands production capacity for medicinal products and prepare for the beginning of the recreational market.

The facility currently functions with two flowering rooms, one mothering room, one propagation room and one vegetation room, supported by drying and trimming facilities, administration, fulfillment and a 625kg vault. Emblem had planned to commission 3 new cultivation rooms in March and one cultivation room in June.

It is currently cultivating as many as 12 strains, with different THC and CBD strains. The company has an excellent grow plan and a remarkable growing team to advance it. The growers are experienced and passionate. Management’s objective is to offer growers with the ideal cultivation environment to manufacture the top quality offerings for both the medicinal and projected recreational market.