ABCANN GLOBAL CORPORATION (CVE:ABCN) has been a permitted cultivator firm since 2014. It had spent around 4 years in this segment. The company had invested its resources on R&D, closing its cultivation mechanism together with the “Controlled Environmental System Research Center”. Currently, every cog in firm’s growing and harvesting way is monitored and tracked by workstation. This advanced grow environment has led in best offerings in the market.

The details

A consistent and fresh item is required to grow in the market, mainly because of the shifting effect the therapy can leave on marijuana takers. These are the customers who never recognize the quality of items that they are buying. ABcann Global offerings are of the best quality and moreover are sold with no compromised changes. Dr. Michael Dixon said that the biggest challenge is to control the environmental know-how for the marijuana crops, following which they all act same and result in the same medicinal compounds. The way to keep that consistency is to cultivate crops in an organized, reproducible and planned manner.

ABcann, while quiet to go public as against some of its competitors, is determining from a position of ability, passion and strength, and the flair to back its rights to lead the market. Since it commenced offering items last year, the firm failed to meet demand, with a speed of 30% MoM. The consumer retention rate as validated by firm is 94.7%.

Ken Clement of ABcann Global mentioned that the demand right from the start of 2017 has been impressive. To keep up, the company has to expand, and that is why they have planned to go public.

In the last trading session, the stock price of ABcann Global surged more than 5% to close the day at $0.990.