Why CBD Derived Medical Marijuana Should Be Legal Everywhere

With the growing knowledge of cannabidiol (CBD) as a viable health aide also comes an overload of bad information about the compound. Those in the know have already begun to incredible potential of CBD; however, these market leaders face pushback from stunted government processes and misinformed prospects. There is a reason that the overwhelming majority of true experts are overwhelmingly positive about CBD and the derivative marijuana that comes from it.

The Misconceptions

The first and most prevalent misconception about CBD is that it somehow counters or serves as a foil to THC, the so-called “recreational” part of industrial hemp. THC is recognized as the part of the hemp plant that gives euphoric effects, which many people are still categorizing as psychoactivity. This false categorization comes mainly from Big Pharma – companies with a multibillion-dollar vested interest in demonizing medical marijuana until it can monopolize its production and distribution. The cold facts have been proven time and again: Properly applied, marijuana fixes the root of many problems that Big Pharma drugs only mask and cover.

The “entourage effect” of CBD and THC is overwhelmingly positive. In short, CBD plus THC equals more than the sum of its parts. However, the thoroughly vetted effects of medical marijuana have not been approved by the FDA, keeping many states from legalizing it and actually serving as a basis to misinform the public about the cannabis plant. The federal government goes so far as to say that THC and CBD both have medical value, but the plant that produces both of them does not have any medical value. I’m sorry, can you repeat that logic?

CBD Slowly Breaking Through

Fortunately, raw science is pushing its way through antiquated tradition and Big Pharma scare tactics. Many state legislatures are beginning to recognize CBD as medically relevant in legislation. Perhaps in anticipation of more research, or perhaps to appeal to a certain pharmaceutical donor base, legislators are splitting hairs more finely than ever when it comes to CBD law. It is interesting to note how many lawmakers suddenly have an expertise in subjects that would likely be better suited to an MD, but things are moving in the right direction in some areas.

“CBD only” legislation is the excuse that lawmakers are currently using to pass commonsense medical marijuana laws while maintaining their overall stance against marijuana for Big Pharma. These laws are now used to allow CBD oil as a medical product while attempting to block anything with more than 0.3 percent THC. However, some patients, such as parents of epileptic children, have made noise that THC is also necessary.

Although the laws are currently confusing, the majority of states in the United States now allow CBD products. Confusingly enough, CBD is still considered completely illegal by the DEA. In states with this so called “CBD only” legislation, patients who are registered can use CBD and are allowed to have it, but they cannot legally obtain it. For example, if you are living in Alabama and you suffer from seizures, you can possess CBD – but until it gets to you, it is considered illegal for anyone to give it to you.

Another incredible bit of logic from our genius legal system.

The Positive Effects of CBD Derived Medical Marijuana

For anyone who is thinking of cultivating any argument against the actual effectiveness of CBD, here is a short list of the conditions that it is known to treat.

  • Addiction to cigarettes – Inhaling CBD has been shown to relieve smoker’s need for cigarettes.
  • Acne – The National Institute of Health and the Journal of Clinical Investigation have both published studies that showcase the treatment that CBD can provide for acne.
  • Diabetes – In mice, CBD prevents the creation of IL-12, a cytokine that causes autoimmune diseases.
  • Fibromyalgia – CBD has been shown to improve upon the anti-inflammatory medicines that are currently used for fibromyalgia such as corticosteroids and opioids.
  • Mad cow disease – Prions cause neurodegenerative diseases such as mad cow disease. CBD has been shown to slow the formation of prions in mice.
  • PTSD – CBD is known to calm people with PTSD, reducing the symptoms of stress and anxiety that usually comes with the condition. (Interestingly enough, CBD is often considered a psychotic, but its effects in this case are actually antipsychotic.)
  • Schizophrenia – Translational Psychiatry published a study from German researchers that showed CBD outperforming other antipsychotic medications when used to treat schizophrenia patients.
  • Multiple sclerosis – The Cajal Institute found that CBD was actually able to reverse inflammatory responses in animals who were affected by multiple sclerosis.
  • Insomnia – One of CBD’s few side effects is drowsiness, but this is actually a condition that insomniacs seek out. Because CBD is non habit forming, it can be used as a sleep aide that actually outperforms pharmaceuticals, which are often addictive.

What the Government is Waiting For

Many people are unaware that the federal government actually has the patent on CBD. The government admits in its patent abstract that CBD has antioxidant properties that makes it “useful in the treatment and prophylaxis of wide variety of oxidation associated diseases, such as ischemic, age-related, inflammatory and autoimmune diseases.” The abstract goes on to name some conditions individually, including HIV dementia, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

What exactly is the government waiting for?

If one considers the motivations of most patent holders, capitalism is at the core of government action in terms of CBD. In short, the government is waiting until CBD can become most profitable. This certainly helps to explain the disconnect between the majority of state law and federal law on the subject of CBD.

Considering that the federal government has a vested interest in a slow rollout, it is up to true believers in science and morality to push for the legalization of CBD products across the nation, including CBD derived medical marijuana. As the federal government waits for its chance to make the most money, people with the diseases and conditioned mentioned above are needlessly suffering.

The bottom line: According to scientists, researchers and anyone without a direct profit motive, CBD derived medical marijuana should be legal everywhere. The only people who do not share this view are the people who have not figured out how to create a monopoly on CBD for themselves. Our choice is clear.