Why Is The Focus Back On Greengro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH)?

Greengro Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GRNH) reported that its subsidiary Biodynamics, LLC, has been awarded an order to sell a branded PV solar glass hydroponic vegetable greenhouse under its $17 million purchase deal with GH Farms Group, LLC.

The details

This construction is anticipated to commence in the Q3 2018. The assignment, incorporating Biodynamics’ industry-leading completely automated off-grid greenhouse know-how, will grow vegetables hydroponically utilizing Biodynamics’ proprietary CEA growing systems and processes.

Trisha Madden, the CEO of Biodynamics, reported that they welcome this opportunity to demonstrate that their greenhouses are the industry’s best, climate-controlled by a promising pressure HVAC system with nutrients and water managed by an IBM Watson AI computer automated irrigation system.

James Haas, the CEO of Greengro Technologies, reported that they are extremely delighted to be progressing with the vegetable-growing division of their operations. Their indoor growing know-hows have considerable potential across different types of agriculture uses and they anticipate to become a key competitor in the industry.

Haas reported that Biodynamics’ innovative PV solar glass hydroponic greenhouses marks an economically lucrative and environmentally beneficial option to traditional farming processes that are stressful to the present growers and environment with significant economic and operational challenges.

Separately, Greengro reported progress with a project worth $25 million finalized in this February with Global Renewable Resources LLC, Shaker Heights, Ohio. William D. Franklin, the Mayor of Ohio, recently committed the required land to advance the project. He said that the backers of this assignment are not shy about their plans to confront the alarming trend of population decline in this area.

With careful attention given to the realities of current commercial environment, this assignment intends to present new prospects in the community as it possess the capability to develop exceptional services and produce for a growing market.

In unrelated news, Greengro reported that it has completed project planning for the much awaited Foodraiser Project in Columbus as contracted, and is presently looking for Foodraiser management to answer with a timeline for the closure of land acquisition and financing.