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Could PLSI Be Poised to Dominate the International Cannabis Market?



International cannabis company jumps into the global 57 billion dollar cannabis market.  Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited (OTCMKTS: PLSI) and the international cannabis market set to explode.

With cannabis stocks moving back into the spotlight in the heat of incredible money flows and market action over recent weeks, we have been obsessively looking out for sharp plays that the crowd has missed – stocks that fit a top-tier description, but that haven’t been picked up yet in the markets.

These stocks offer the most potential right now as we see it. And PLSI is the current king of that hill according to our analysis.


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The company is one of the very few integrated players, with an end-to-end operational strategy that covers everything – farm to table – from cultivation of cannabis to distribution of refined products that span a fast-tracked pipeline attacking $1.14 trillion in total market footprint.

The company is also already global in its strategy, which may set it apart as well.

Symbol:  PLSI

Company:  Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited


Latest News:

Company Website: 

Key Points:

  • PLSI is possibly the most impressive cannabis play that the crowd hasn’t found yet.
  • PLSI is already working with federal governments and national healthcare systems.
  • PLSI is starting to see major topline growth, with quarterly y/y revs increasing sharply.
  • PLSI is coming off an RSI trough under 51, pointing to a massively oversold stock now heading back the other way.
  • PLSI just recorded a MACD Bullish reversal, suggesting a technical change in trend.
  • PLSI has developed a deep pipeline of cannabis treatment options addressing some of the biggest healthcare markets.

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited (OTCMKTS: PLSI) is an adaptive healthcare solutions company. PLSI is in business to advance research and integrate programs and manufacturing of products that target and treat diabetes, pain, cancer, and address psychological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, neurological and sleep disorders.

The company strives to create partnerships and integrate these programs for human health into communities worldwide as part of its Global Health Initiative.

According to company materials, “Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. Over the past four years, many of our partner organizations have worked hard to develop and access a broad range of industry and pharmacology specialists. The partnership includes botanists, biologists, industrial and organic chemists, medical doctors, researchers, packagers and distributors. We are delighted to announce that in September 2018 we merged many of these partnerships and affiliations together under the name Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited. Without the support and collaboration of many individuals, this vision wouldn’t have been realized and we thank them for their global vision.”

As far as recent catalysts, the company just announced its common stock is now publicly traded in the United States, trading under the symbol OTC: PLSI and released some initial statements on its global production strategy for cannabinoid-based healthcare solutions.

According to the release, Phoenix Life, which is a consolidation of multiple domestic and international businesses including Stem BioScience, Inc., Blue Dragon Ventures, along with the MediJane brand, aims to be the premier global healthcare company that changes the way that many diseases and conditions are treated around the world.

“We are confident that we will be able to impact the health and wellbeing of millions of people around the world with our highly-sophisticated cannabis derived formulations and our unique production and distribution models,” said Martin Tindall, incoming Chief Executive Officer of Phoenix Life Sciences International. “I am excited to help guide the company to success and remain committed to the vision of life-enhancement through better healthcare.”

Following that announcement, the company also hit the wires to provide an update on the completion of merger documents with the Secretary of State in Nevada, as well as appointed a new renowned audit firm and retired a substantial amount of convertible debt.

As a part of the final steps of its merger that created Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited, documents were processed through the Secretary of State for Nevada. The documents, including form and certificate of merger, were received back by the company, leaving only this week’s boards of directors’ appointments in the finalization of the company merger.

In other words, it’s all systems go for PLSI at this point.

Which brings us to this very interesting chart. Shares of the stock have started to move with some bullish potential under the surface of the tape.

The stock recently broke out above its 200-day simple moving average on increasing volume. As noted above, the stock has one of the smallest trading floats we have ever come across (under 25k shares). That means any influx of buying interest will send this to the moon.

You can see a good example of this back in January of this year, when PLSI went from $2.50/share to $90/share in 6 days. That’s no joke. And it could happen from here given this tiny float and the increasing attention being paid to the cannabis space.

Remember, this is one of the only true global integrated cannabis players out there.


About PLSI

Phoenix Life Sciences International Limited (OTC:PLSI) is creating a global platform for the re-introduction of organic, plant based pharmaceuticals and programs for creating healthcare solutions and reducing total cost of national healthcare programs

“Our business is to advance research and integrate programs and manufacturing of products that target and treat; diabetes, pain, cancers, and address psychological, gastrointestinal, autoimmune, neurological and sleep disorders.

Creating partnerships for integrating these programs for human health into communities worldwide as part of our Global Health Initiative. Working with developing nations on programs to improve affordable healthcare and creating industry.

Phoenix Life Sciences uses organically produced plants, including cannabis, extracts the purist of active ingredients and encapsulates them for maximum bio availability and efficacy. Providing a patient-centric alternative to the low efficacy and the high side effects of conventional pharmaceuticals. Giving doctors and their patients an easy to take, easy to manage, accurately dosed natural healthcare solution.

Phoenix Life Sciences International is targeting to build production to service over 2.5 million patients over the next 5 years.”

Key Team Members:

Martin Tindall, CEO and Founder

Tindall has an extensive career in large scale organizational change. His career focus has been in the integration of technology with international trade and finance. Initially trained in accounting and commercial and company law, he has held various roles including Chief Information Officer at Bartercard, Executive Director of Kronos International Investments and particularly enjoyed environmental projects that deliver sustainability.

Starting Phoenix in 2013, after the death of his father from chemotherapy treating his pancreatic cancer, Tindall is devoted to providing advancement in the treatment of cancer, diabetes and other diseases using safe, non-toxic, plant based pharmaceutical solutions.

Janelle Marsden, Managing Director

Marsden has held senior roles across many industry sectors. Trained at a master’s level in construction, architecture and finance, she has been awarded senior roles over the past 20 years in both the public and private sector. Having lived in Australia, U.S. and Italy, Marsden has worked on large scale implementation projects and managed large agriculture developments. Marsden’s skills include agricultural grow, product implementation, organization and marketing. She has been the chair and board member of tourism, economic development and food and wine entities and has demonstrated her ability to drive and grow industries from the ground up. Marsden will also directly over see the infrastructure developments and ensure that Phoenix continues to meet its environmental, financial, timely and quality outcome.


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