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Gold Leaf Distribution, A Subsidiary Of Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG), Expects To Post Revenues of $1.5 Million In 2020



Gold Leaf Distribution, a subsidiary of Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG), is expected to post revenues of $1.5 million in 2020 by distributing Storm, Hydrate, Kona Gold and products of other vendors. After the establishment in January 2019, the company reported a significant growth in Q4 2019. Gold Leaf conducts its business operations in South Carolina and Florida using three delivery trucks.

Established 300 accounts

Gold Leaf established 300 accounts that comprise smoke shops, specialty stores, C-Stores, restaurants, and Grocery stores. The company has generated average monthly revenues of $20,000 in November and December 2019. It is adding 30 to 40 accounts on a monthly basis. Gold Leaf expects to add two delivery trucks for beverage delivery. It expects to post significant revenues during summer and spring because of increased shipments of beverages.

Gold Leaf turns profitable in Q1 2020

Chief Executive Officer of Kona Gold, Robert Clark, said he is pleased to announce the growth of Gold Leaf in late 2019. It is on the backdrop of adding new products to the portfolio of Gold Leaf and the addition of new accounts in Q4 2019. He anticipates that Gold Leaf will become profitable in Q1 2020.  The company has recently launched a website that lists its products and helps the customers to find a nearby store.

Kona Gold posts revenues of $1.42 million in Q1 to Q3, 2019

Kona Gold is pleased to post revenues of $1.42 million in Q1, Q2, and Q3, 2019, mainly on the backdrop of CBD and hemp products in the functional beverage sector. The company established relationships with more than sixty distributors across thirty-six states. It also expanded its operations to South Carolina. The company also expanded the HighDrate CBD Energy Water and Hemp Energy Drink to 15 SKUs from 9 SKUs. It has rolled out Storm CBD High Alkaline Water.

Kona Gold achieved revenues of up to $2 million in October 2019, meeting the forecasts of January 2019. It expects to post revenues of $6 to $8 million in 2020 because of a growing demand for the current products and through new launches. Clark said the company achieved phenomenal growth in 2019. The company expects to continue its growth through Q4 2019 and 2020.


Planet 13 Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:PLNHF) Reports A 10% Hike In Monthly Revenues In January 2020



Planet 13 Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:PLNHF) has posted a 10% hike in revenues in January 2020. It is in a better position when compared to the slower months of December 2019 and November 2019. According to preliminary estimates, the gross margins are consistently in the range of 56-59%.

Improved customer awareness

Planet 13 Las Vegas Cannabis Entertainment Complex (Superstore) has received improved customer awareness from its event space and restaurant space that are inaugurated as part of the phase II development. The improved customer engagement has resulted in more time spent in exploring the Superstore. It also improved the average ticket size.

Expects high ticket growth

Co-Chief Executive Officer of Planet 13, Larry Scheffler, said the Phase II development that includes an event center, restaurant, and consumer-facing manufacturing facility shows a strong proof in January.  The company expects high ticket growth and higher traffic because of its planned addition of store-in-store options and new attractions.

Larry expresses gratitude to the customers who will continue to choose cannabis products from Planet 3 in Las Vegas. The company is pleased with the year-on-year growth of Superstore and expects to see the excitement of customers when they explore its features.

dosist introduces wellness experience shop-in-shop

In Nevada based Superstore dispensary of Planet 13, dosist introduced wellness experience shop-in-shop. The wellness experience shop of dosist occupies an exclusive space in the Superstore. It serves as an education and sales platform dosist’s cannabis therapy in a controlled manner to more than 1 million visitors of Planet 13 every year.

Manage happiness and health naturally

Chief Executive Officer of dosist, Gunner Winston, said the Wellness Experience of dosist is an incredible platform to educate, inspire, and engage the new audience on advantages of dosage controlled cannabis therapy. Extending Wellness Experience to Planet 13 is remarkable and helps dosist to demonstrate its dedication to educate and inspire worldwide consumers to manage their happiness and health naturally.

The Wellness Experience Shop-in-Shop offers six targeted formulation that comprises calm, sleep, bliss, passion, and arouse and proprietary dose pen of dosist. It brings to life the iconic products of dosist using its wellness aesthetic and device education.

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Kannalife, Inc, A Portfolio Investment Company Of Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA), Completes Phase 1 Study Of KLS-13019 To Treat Neuropathic Pain



Kannalife, Inc, a portfolio investment company of Medical Marijuana Inc (OTCMKTS:MJNA), has completed the phase 1 study of its patented CBD like module – KLS-13019 to cure drug dependence and neuropathic pain. The company has performed this groundbreaking study jointly with Lewis Katz School of Medicine at Temple University. Kannalife has received funding for this study from NIH (National Institute of Health)’s NIDA (National Institute on Drug Abuse).

The demand for neuropathic pain treatment

Chief Executive Officer of Medical Marijuana, Dr. Stuart Titus, KLS-13019 is continuing to show its potential to treat CIPN. The demand for neuropathic pain treatment worldwide expects to reach over $8.3 billion by the year 2024.

Pre-clinical grant study in an animal model

Kannalife has conducted the pre-clinical grant study in an animal model to assess the potential use of KLS-13019 as a non-opioid and potent substitute for the reversal and prevention of CIPN (Chemotherapy induced peripheral neuropathy). An Assistant Professor (Pharmacology) at LKSOM, Sara Jane Ward has performed the animal portion of this study.

According to the outcome of the recent studies in animal models, the proprietary CBD like molecule of Kannalife is highly effective, just like CBD in the prevention of neuropathic pain. KLS-13019 can also reverse the neuropathic pain and stays one step ahead of the CBD. Kannalife yearns to bring effective and innovative treatment options to the market quickly. Its research brought the company one step closer to achieving the goal.

Kannalife expects to qualify for the phase 2 grant because it has completed the phase 1 study. The phase 2 grant helps the company to advance research on KLS-13019 and make it an alternative drug to treat patients suffering from chronic pain and CIPN.

Strengthens IP portfolio

Kannalife has strengthened its intellectual property portfolio with the receipt of a Chinese patent CN106456573B, which is specific to the Novel Functionalized 1, 3-Benzene Diols and their Method to cure Hepatic Encephalopathy. Chinese Patent is helpful for the company to augment its CBD like molecules portfolio.

CBD like modules can act as neuroprotective agents. They can annul the chemotherapy induced neuropathic pain. Kannalife will further conduct the research on the KLS family to address various disease indications.

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Why SKDI May be Best of Breed in the CBD Space



For those looking to pick the bottom in CBD, we make the case here that a relative newcomer in the space, Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI), may actually provide the most explosive opportunity in the weeks and months ahead.

The key to this argument is our sense that SKDI is not well known by traders in the space because it entered commercial-stage operations in CBD by way of its acquisition of Hakuna Products late last year. In many ways, Sun Kissed is now the trading vehicle for Hakuna, and Hakuna is an exceptional story as a growing brand with strong potential in the space.

As noted by the company in its most recent release, Hakuna is an award-winning CBD-products company, currently nominated for “Best Hemp-Derived CBD Product” by the California Cannabis Awards after winning the DOPE Magazine Best New Product award for Southern California in the non-cannabis/non-tech category in 2017. Hakuna was also just awarded “Runner Up” at the Los Angeles Coffee & Donut Festival People’s Choice Coffee Awards for 2019.

Hakuna also boasts significant revenues with a substantial distribution footprint, including over 110 established retail distribution partners across over 20 states in the domestic US market.

In other words, we particularly like SKDI because we see it as a direct way to gain investment access to its wholly-owned subsidiary, Hakuna, which represents a ton of potential as a leading branded name in the CBD marketplace.

Upping the Stakes

To make matters even more interesting, SKDI just put out a press release this morning noting that Hakuna has initiated a series of measures to optimize operational efficiency, increase output, and drive a substantial increase in revenue growth over coming quarters.

This apparently includes a clean room, which is set to be fully operational over the next few weeks. According to the company, this process will up output by more than 50% and drive more than 30% in topline growth over the next 6 months.

The company’s CEO, Carl Grant, put it succinctly: “Hakuna has a very strong stable of award-winning products and a large nationwide distribution footprint in a booming market niche. But one of the reasons we acquired the company is our sense of low-hanging fruit on the vine. This is truly a top emerging brand in the high-end CBD-based products space. More output is going to mean a ramp in sales growth and a wider awareness of the Hakuna brand. At this point, this story is about scaling up and widening margins on variable cost inputs.”

According to the release, the gains in output will be driven by the new clean room, new equipment (including an industrial mixer, an industrial hopper, and a capsule packaging machine for coffee goods), and “a number of additional steps to streamline the operational sequence from order to shipment of product.” Besides gains on the topline, the company is also anticipating a sharp reduction in turnaround lag for new orders, with shipment going out in 48 hours rather than the current period of 5 days.

Hakuna management believes these steps will reduce the time lag between placement of a new order and shipment of that order by over 50% to just 48 hours, and increase overall output by over 50%. The net effect of these adjustments are expected to drive a jump in revenues of more than 30% over the next two quarters.



The CBD space has been wrecked by too many pretenders entering the space in a mad rush following the wild growth projections that started to hit Wall Street back in 2017-18. The huge influx of cheap supply and an overwhelming number of new brands and white labeled pretenders created a massive oversupply of both CBD and shares of CBD companies in the public markets.

Whenever that happens, you’re looking at a bear market that has one job: to wipe out the pretenders and clear the playing field for the survivors to flourish. The survivors in this type of scenario generally end up being those brands that manage to differentiate themselves.

Sun Kissed Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:SKDI) is an easy way to pick up exposure to one of the brands that is already carving out a very promising foothold on differentiation through its award-winning products and wide footprint of distribution.

And the best part is: you have a chance right now to get on board before the crowd has found it.

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