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High Times Holding Co. is on a Mission and Wants You to Be a Part of It



With such intense attention on the cannabis sector over the last few months, it should come as no surprise that the industry’s mascot, and perhaps its heart and soul, is looking to cash in as well. High Times, the iconic magazine and media property is looking to go public.

The actual entity in question here is High Times Holding Co., which was formerly known as Trans-High Corporation and changed its name to High Times Holding Co. in June, 2017. You probably know it as ‘that marijuana magazine’. The company has actually been around for nearly 45 years. And it’s apparently high time for a move onto the public markets.


Going to the Show

After filing for an IPO in January of this year, those plans were put on hold when it looked like prospects for raising enough in the deal soured. However, in June, the company announced it would be “launching an equity crowdfunding campaign ahead of its application for an initial public offering on Nasdaq later this year.”

Adam Levin, Chief Executive Officer of High Times said, “The campaign is intended to bolster the valuation of High Times Holding Corp while offering non-institutional investors greater access to shares than they would have in an IPO.”

For the offering, High Times set a price of $11 per share, 10% below the price the company expects the shares to trade on Nasdaq.

The company recently acknowledged that it would have to raise at least $14.7 million from the offering to live up to the Nasdaq’s stringent listing standards. They already have about $12.5 million committed from more than 9,000 investors.

Initially, in order to help open the spigots, the company suggested it would accept investments in Bitcoin. However, that plan was changed – without clear explanation. At this point, High Times will take fiat only, but through any means possible (checks, credit cards, ACH or wire transfers), as it strives to raise funds for subscription to is Reg-A+ share offering.

So, what do they need to get to the magic number? Remember, the parent company has a troubled balance sheet, with lots of debt on hand. So far, over half of its raised funds have gone to pay off creditors.

The answer is: more media exposure – it boils down to “Buzz”.


How to Get High

To get that done, the company recently entered into a “no cash” deal with iHeartMedia Inc (OTCMKTS:IHRTQ), a diversified media and entertainment company with a broad mainstream reach. According to the Wall Street Journal, iHeartMedia Inc “will trade up to $10 million worth of advertising inventory for a roughly 5% stake in the publisher of High Times, the 44-year-old marijuana magazine, offering the biggest U.S. radio broadcaster access to the nation’s growing number of cannabis consumers.”

“Cannabis at the end of the day is mainstream,” said High Times Chief Executive Adam Levin. “And iHeart has a huge mainstream appeal.”

In other words, Levin sees this as the deal that can take the High Times investment opportunity to the masses in a big enough way to generate what amounts to a rescue bid for ownership that is big enough to get the company public through the Reg A+ route and in position to meet Nasdaq listing criteria.

Given the buzz right now in front of the full legalization of the Adult-Use market in Canada expected to take effect later this month, and the $5 million to $10 million of ad inventory committed from iHeart, this is the right time to try this unique strategy.

What investors will be left with over the longer term is another question altogether.


Cannabis Control Commission Grants License To Curaleaf Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CURLF) To Inaugurate Retail Dispensary In Massachusetts



Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission has granted final license approval to Curaleaf Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CURLF) to inaugurate an adult-use cannabis dispensary at 124 Street in Ware, Massachusetts. The company expects to schedule the post-final inspections to inaugurate adult-use location by early March this year.

Opened first adult-use location in November 2019

Curaleaf has inaugurated its adult-use retail cannabis location in November 2019 in Oxford, Massachusetts. On January 29, 2020, the company opened the second adult-use location in Provincetown. It also established medical use cannabis facility in Hanover.

Reliable and high-quality medical use products

Chief Executive Officer of Curaleaf, Joseph Lusardi, said the company’s main strategy is to provide reliable and high-quality medical use cannabis products to the customers and patients in Massachusetts. The company is pleased to open a third adult-use retail cannabis dispensary in the commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Adds twenty new jobs

Patrick Jansson, President of Curaleaf Massachusetts, said the company will add twenty new jobs and contribute to the local economy. It yearns to establish a positive and impactful relationship with the local community. The company is pleased to bring its business to the Ware, Hampshire County. Curaleaf operates 53 dispensaries in the US.

Announces Expiration of waiting period for Grassroots

Curaleaf said the waiting period under the HSR (Hart-Scott-Rodino Antitrust Improvements Act of 1976) has expired to take over GR Companies, Inc. (“Grassroots”). Both the firms will work together to obtain state and regulatory approvals and complete the transaction in spring 2020.

Joseph said the company is excited to achieve milestones because it strives to acquire Grassroots. Following the takeover, Curaleaf expects to establish a strong presence in the Midwest. The customers and patients can get access to its industry-leading brands. Curaleaf will continue to focus on executing its strategy and enjoy the benefits of brand recognition and greater scale in the new and existing markets.

Grassroots is engaged in the sale of reliable cannabis products that improve the lives of people from all backgrounds. The customers can enjoy a unique, education, and wellness-focused dispensary experience. It holds facilities in Maryland, Michigan, Vermont, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Nevada, Illinois, Connecticut, Arkansas, and North Dakota.

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Starseed Medicinal Inc, A Subsidiary Of WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF), Becomes A Preferred Supplier Of Medical Cannabis To myHSA Program Participants In Canada



Starseed Medicinal Inc, a subsidiary of WeedMD Inc (OTCMKTS:WDDMF), has become a preferred supplier of medical cannabis to the myHSA program in Canada. Around 51,000 people take part in this program. myHSA operates a digital wellness and reimbursement program with the help of more than 8,500 employers. The digital platform of myHSA provides an easy to navigate and interactive menu.

Employers ensure healthy living of employees

Several employers have recognized the need for ensuring healthy living for their employees. Chief Executive Officer of WeedMD, Angelo Tsebelis, said the company is excited to enter into a pact with myHSA because it looks for access to quality cannabis for more than 51,000 participating members. The eligible participants of myHSA can now access the patient portals of WeedMD and the full patient medical cannabis program. myHSA’s participants can claim reimbursement.

Top-quality products to employees

Chief Executive Officer of myHSA, Tim Kane, said the company needs to ensure that its employees are in full control of their wellness journey. Hence, it partners with Starseed, which offers high-quality cannabis products, to provide top-quality products to its employees. The company has developed a platform that allows the participants to prudently spend their dollars on wellness benefits.

Receives award for best places to work 2020

WeedMD has received an award from the London Inc. Magazine for best places to work in 2020 among the largest businesses. Editor and founder of London Inc. Magazine, Gord Delamont, said these awards are presented to employers in the Southwestern Ontario region in recognition of their efforts to creating the best working environment. It congratulates WeedMD for promoting a trusted and positive work environment that motivates the employees to produce quality products.

Shareholders give nod for $25 million investment

WeedMD is pleased to announce that its shareholders gave the nod for the subscription receipts exercise from LiUNA pension of Eastern and Central Canada and the private placement for $25 million gross proceeds. Hence, the subscription receipts will be converted into 23.079 million common shares of WeedMD. Executive Chairman of WeedMD, George Scorsis, said the shareholders’ approval and for the equity investment of $25 million has strengthened the balance sheet.

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Innovative Industrial Properties Inc (NYSE:IIPR) Acquires Toledo, Ohio processing facility And Leases Back To Green Thumb Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:GTBIF)



Innovative Industrial Properties Inc (NYSE:IIPR) has acquired Toledo, Ohio processing facility from Green Thumb Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:GTBIF) in a deal valued at $2.9 million. The company will lease back the facility to Green Thumb under a long term accord. Green Thumb will continue to operate the facility.

Green Thumb to improve production capacity

Green Thumb will make improvements to the facility to enhance the manufacturing facility. In return, Innovative Industrial will make a payment of up to $4.3 million. Therefore, Green Thumb will receive a total amount of $7.2 million from Innovative Industrial. It is the second transaction of Innovative Industrial with Green Thumb. The company already purchased and leased back property that comprises cannabis cultivation/ processing facility based in Danville, Pennsylvania to Green Thumb in November 2019.

Uses funds for capacity expansion

Chief Executive Officer and founder of Green Thumb, Ben Kovler, said Innovative Industrial offers a real estate solution, which is flexible, to meet its expansion requirements at the Toledo processing facility. Green Thumb will use the funds for capacity expansion and strategic initiatives.

Green Thumb operates four Rise Stores

Green Thumb also owns and manages four Rise stores in Lorain; Cleveland; Lakewood; and Ohio in Toledo. The company expects to inaugurate another store in Lakewood in Q1 2020. It already commenced sales of medical cannabis in Ohio last year. The company maintains a patient base of 80,000 as of December 2019. More than eight thousand caregivers are registered in the medical cannabis program in the state. It has clocked sales of $60 million in the first year. Green Thumb is dedicated to ensuring well being of the patients by providing safe and high-quality cannabis products.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Innovative Industrial, Paul Smithers said the company is pleased to join forces again with Green Thumb as a real estate partner for the medical cannabis processing facility of Green Thumb. Innovative Industrial is pleased with the commitment and strength of Green Thumb to local communities. According to Green Thumb, over two hundred equity applicants took part in its LEAP (Social Equity Licensing Education Assistance Program).   The branded cannabis products of Green Thumb comprise Rhythm, Dog Walkers, Incredibles, Beboe, and the Feel Collection.

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