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Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) Moves About 12,000 Units Of Product In A Span Of 30 Days



Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has disclosed that so far it has managed to move about twelve thousand (12,000) units of product. An official working with the company has termed it the strongest 30-day span for the business guru in line with the sales and revenue ever made. He added that they had also moved five pallets of product to distributors, along with remarkable sales to customers and retailers over the first half of April as well as in the second half of March.

Clark perspective

The CEO of Kona Gold Solutions, Inc Robert Clark opined, “The last 30 days has been fantastic in terms of picking up new distributors, current distributors placing orders, and moving product out of our warehouse into the hands of customers at the fastest pace we’ve seen. The second quarter of 2018 is starting out very strong and we are making moves in order to sustain and continue this upward growth.”

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Clark was pleased to pronounce that they were looking forward to host an open house at their new corporate offices located in Melbourne. He called upon all the company’s partners, retailers, distributors and shareholders to attend the event in large numbers. He made the promise that all of them would be served with free beverages and food. According to him, it will be the perfect opportunity for everyone to enjoy the beautiful view of the office and the warehouse space .The interaction with the Kona Gold team will be worthwhile with so much for everyone to learn.

Reports indicate that Kona Gold’s new corporate headquarters Kona Gold’s new corporate headquarters warehouse and office space. It will fundamentally be all about making the business giant scale up operations through housing more products and the addition of new staff.

It was in a recent interview that one official working with the company disclosed that they were paying quite a huge deal of attention to the auditing of the company’s 2017 financials. It is in the hope that the company will be able to comply with all OTC requirements with the target of being up listed to the OTCQB market tier.

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