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Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) Pronounces The Unleashing Of Initiatives Meant To Expedite Growth For Long-Term Shareholder Value



Rising India Inc (OTCMKTS:RSII) today made a pronouncement regarding the rollout of initiatives to expedite growth for long-term shareholder value. The unveiling of the company’s RBS0238 CLINICAL PEPTIDE SERUM in the second quarter has been commended by market analysts who believe that the company is making strides towards the right direction.

Strategies for the diversification of business operations

 It was a short while back that the company held a meeting with the manufacturer of its clinical strength peptide serum and now it has its eye fixed at the product line’s production phase .The product will be hitting the markets with impact and of course that means the generation of more revenues.

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The recent move to hire a trusted chemist to serve at the Company’s Ohio Laboratory as the Chief Chemist in-house has been termed a timely move my several market observers. Arthur Hall, who is the company’s COO in making his statement, disclosed that the Chief Chemist was expected to travel to Florida where he will be taught together with the company’s staff on the overall protocol and procedure.

Plans underway

The purchase of analytical equipment will make it possible for the business guru to undertake developmental testing on-site. That implies that it will be able to cut down on the costs associated with making shipments to the outside laboratory. The equipment has already been paid for and if all goes according to plan the installation process may start in the coming weeks.

An official working with the company while moving out of a business conference that was held recently addressed a number of news reporters assuring them that the company wasn’t going to stop on its quest to innovate as well as deliver a wide array of products with unparalleled effect.

Hall opined, “We are on the cusp of something fantastic here and are grateful for continued shareholder participation. We are developing life-changing products and anticipate continued shareholder value alongside assertive R&D initiatives, partnerships and acquisitions as well as both B2B and B2C sales strategies for our product lines.”

The top official added that they were going to do all that it took to ensure the fulfillment of their agenda.

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